Spinlister Pro Activation Requirements

Everything you need to know before you become an authorized Spinlister Pro retailer.

To become an authorized Spinlister Pro Powered by Velolet partner, the following requirements must be met during the application process:
1. Account validation meeting (in-person or video conference) with Spinlister team and store management.
2. Review partner's service certification to ensure compliance with Spinlister Pro maintenance requirements. All Spinlister Pro partners are required to have certified service professionals to be eligible for platform utilization.
3. Review staff competence in using the Spinlister Pro platform by reviewing all key features and on-boarding every partner to ensure proper activation.
Following activation and throughout platform utilization, all Spinlister Pro partners are required to log maintenance performed on all products being listed on the platform. Spinlister Pro will audit all accounts on a quarterly basis to ensure that proper maintenance logs are being maintained and protocols are being followed. Failure to comply with these protocols will result in account suspension until all products are properly logged and serviced to comply with Spinlister Pro maintenance guidelines.