Spinlister shop FAQ

Common questions we receive from shops wanting to use our platform

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Submit a contact form and we'll make sure to reach out and help answer any questions we may have missed. Or contact us directly at hello@spinlister.com.

What are the costs associated with using the platform?

Spinlister is FREE to sign up and has no reoccurring monthly costs. We apply a 4% service fee to all reservations made using our platform. This does not include the standard 3% credit card processing fee.

How does Spinlister support a shop with multiple locations?

Inventory tracking can be a real pain, but we've got some neat features to help you out so you can focus more on your business (...or family...)

  • Shared Inventory - We keep track of which shop location owns each ride. If you have another shop nearby, feel free to allow customers to drop their rentals off wherever convenient.
  • Transit Calendar - A customer reservation is coming up and the rental is at your other store location. Not a problem! We've got a built-in transit calendar that'll let you know what time and which location a ride needs to be sent to. 

Quick Tip:

Ride not delivered on time? Or maybe you already have an alternative bike that works for your customers. You can use the Swap Bike feature to quickly change inventory for a customer to something that's available. Spinlister will take care of calculating the surcharge/refund based on the value of the new ride.

What tools does Spinlister provide to help manage rentals?

Spinlister has multiple ways of supporting your shop and managing your reservations:

  • In-Store Kiosk - We offer our shops an iPad that helps to painlessly handle reservations, waivers, and payments right from your counter.
  • Embed/Widget - Get bookings directly from your website. Whether you're using WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace, or any other web platform; you can seamlessly integrate your Spinlister shop directly onto your website with an easy-to-use code snippet.
  • Employee Web Portal - Create bookings directly from your computer or smart tablet by just logging into your shop account from the web.

How does your web embed look?

Please email us directly at hello@spinlister.com and we'd be happy to share a sample embed with you.

When are earnings distributed?

Shops are paid on the first of every month.

Can my staff have their own accounts?

Yes! Staff can create their very own accounts and be connected to your shop accounts.

Does Spinlister cover theft & damage?

This kind of situation is governed by the rental agreement made and signed between the Renter and the Lister. As stated in the agreement, Renters can be charged for theft/damage. Contact Spinlister immediately and we will work with you to resolve the matter.

Although we may not offer insurance, we can at least help give some assurance:

  • Our platform offers you the ability to set a pre-authorization charge of any dollar amount based on the value of each individual bike. This will help you make sure that the renter would have the funds to cover the costs.
  • Our payment processor, Braintree, keeps customer information on-hand in case there is a need to add any extra charges to a reservation.

What is the optional liability coverage?

If your shop does not already have insurance or if you would rather not bear the responsibility, Spinlister offers general commercial liability coverage of up to $2,000,000.

Opting in to the liability coverage is an additional 4% service charge on each reservation. The shop can decide if they would like to pass this charge onto their customers or bear the responsibility themselves.

What kind of bikes can I put up for rent?

All types of bikes can be offered for rent. If we do not have a general category that your bike fits into, just drop us an email and we'd be happy to look into it!

How do I list my bikes?

Go to List Your Bike and just follow the steps. It's simple and straightforward. Note, image(s) of your bike as part of publishing your Listing are strongly encouraged in promoting your bike(s). If you need some more guidance, you can find more information in the 'Your Inventory' section of the Help Center.

Quick Tip:

If you have a large inventory, just let us know! We've got a few tricks up our sleeves to help get your rides listed quickly.

Can I list other items for rent, besides bikes?

We're currently working on a few upgrades to help support more categories of rental equipment. In the meantime, we can allow only certain types of equipment/gear to be rented. If you fall into this category, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're accommodating folk and where there's a will, there's a way.

Can I include other types of services and add-ons?

Yes! Spinlister currently supports multiple types of services that can be automatically added at the end of the checkout process, such as a delivery/pickup service, bag rentals, pedal changes, adjustments, and more.


Quick Tip:

Have another service that we don't already have available? When checking out a customer, you'll have the opportunity to 'Add Custom Item' where you can provide the item name, quantity, price, and the option to apply taxes.

Do I have to give Spinlister my business address?

To establish your profile and join Spinlister, it is essential that we have a record of your address. This is collected in conformity with privacy and personal information protection acts. It is important to distinguish between your business address and the actual location of the bike(s) for rent since they can be different.

What happens if my renter doesn't show?

If the renter doesn't show, it is up to the shop's discretion if they'd like to issue a refund to the customer. Service charges will be withheld, but the rental fee and tax amounts can be refunded back to the renter.

Can I refuse a rental request?

If for whatever reason you cannot rent the requested item to the prospective renter,  please ensure to notify the renter as soon as possible as he or she only has 72 hours to cancel the transaction online before being charged the Spinlister service fee.

It is highly advised to keep the inventory up to date and make sure all holidays and store closings are inputted on your calendar.

What if I need to repair a bike?

The status of your bikes are defined in the "Inventories" section of your account. You can deactivate any bike for specific periods at any time or choose to archive them. If there is an existing reservation for a bike that is no longer available, the renter will have the option to accept a replacement or cancel their reservation.